It’s Sunday night. The weekend is over and you begin to think and plan for what you have coming up in the next week.

Your son’s soccer game is on Monday night. Pages 330-350 are due in your textbook by class on Thursday. You’re bringing dinner to your parents some time this week. Your responsive essay just needs a few more tweaks. You’re attending a career development seminar with your co-workers. Your daughter has a choir concert on Wednesday. Oh, and don’t forget, it’s your wedding anniversary this weekend.

Time to take a deep breath.

Dates of meetings, events, special occasions, assignments, tests fly around constantly, filling up our schedules even before the week begins. Especially when pursuing higher education in a degree program, staying organized in your schedule is important to your success.

An easy, inexpensive way to boost your organization as a student is to complete and maintain a calendar. Whether you choose online calendars, such as Google Calendar or other apps, or a paper-and-pen notebook, calendars provide many benefits in both your academic and personal life.

Best Calendars

Here are five reasons why you should be keeping a calendar:

1. Plan for study time
2. Track due dates
3. Keeps family informed
4. Ease anxiety
5. See availability quickly


Calendars are easy to personalize, depending on your work habits, access to technology and other preferences. Regardless of which route you choose, here are some insightful tips to get the most out of keeping your calendar:

  • Color code your various schedules—work, home, school, etc.—to easily distinguish where you spend your time.
  • Keep your calendar in a location that’s easily accessible and visible.
  • Plan study times at consistent times to encourage the habit of studying.
  • Want to use electronic and paper calendars? Keep both for different uses or in separate locations. For example, use a paper month-view calendar for special events and an electronic week or day-view calendar for more detailed assignments, meetings, etc.

Maintaining an accurate calendar can help you both in your academics and in your personal life—and can ease the overwhelming feeling of balancing a busy schedule.

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